Death and Rebirth at the Arbitrary Dateline.

Version 6

Society is being torn apart and we don’t know if anything comes after.

Just like any other death. How are you feeling? Uncomfortable? Rageful? Grieving? Disoriented? We Western metaphysicians often lay claim to being some kind of shamanic practitioners. However, willingness to seek out, encounter and bear feelings most sensible People, rightly, retreat from, is at the core of what healers of this sort do. There’s no shame in NOT wanting to make these experiences the core of your identity, but don’t claim the name if you don’t.

Shamanism – this is what it’s like to die. 

What does soul retrieval of a culture look like? We must dive deep, work, and trust that our work so far has prepared us to do what is needed; to recognize the gems of the new life to be and that we have the strength to bring them back.

The unprepared may not succeed & sometimes, they do not even return. We must transform ourselves and guard against dangers within and without: Ego rather than service, hubris over bravery, selfishness over sacrifice and isolation over communion are all dangerous on this path. 

In communion – strength.

It’s important to choose good companions for this stage of humanity’s journey and our own. Some are deep friends of  our souls and we are well advised to nourish and exalt these relationships. Some are kin from realms beyond our understanding. Some are friends that come for a while, then move on. Others we meet as we go. Perhaps we are of service for a moment to someone we have never met and may never see again. Or we may be given a shining gift from a stranger who becomes something more.

If we are open and strong, we serve best.

As we perform our rituals associated with this arbitrary dateline, the commemoration of a liminal space in a liminal season, let us look to each other for the help we need to re-create the world. Let us look to ourselves for what we must sacrifice to bring it forth. Just know we are, each, not alone. We have many sisters and brothers and help comes from unlooked for places. Be ready.

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